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In exercise of the provision under Article 3.3.7(xvi) of the First Statutes of the College



  • These regulations shall be called the “UPES Regulations Governing Grievance Redressal of Students”, 2010


  • These Regulations shall come in to force with effect from the date of approval by the Board of Management of the University



Blue Mountains College is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable grievance handling system for its students and their parents / guardians, which is easily accessible and offered to complainants at no charge.


  1. AIM:
  2. a) To develop a culture that views grievances as an opportunity to improve the organization and how it works;
  3. b) To set in place a grievance handling system that is student/employee focused and helps the College to prevent grievances from recurring;
  4. c) To ensure that any grievances are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality;


  1. d) To ensure that the views of each complainant and respondent are respected and that any party to a grievance is neither discriminated against nor victimized and;


  1. e) To ensure that there is a consistent response to grievances.


  • These Regulations shall cover any kind of grievance that students of the University or their parents/guardians may face during their stint in the University.


  • A ‘Student’ for purpose of these regulations shall mean a student enrolled for a full-time programme of the College and shall exclude students enrolled in a part-time or distance learning programme of study.


  • Grievance’ is defined as a person’s dissatisfaction of the students or their parents / guardians with any aspect of the University’s activities and
  • ‘Person’ referred herein shall mean a student on the current rolls of the College or their parents / guardians.


Note: In these Regulations where-ever ‘he’ and ‘his’ occurs, these shall mean to imply ‘he/she’ and ‘his/her’ respectively



  • Of Academic Nature
    1. Academic content and quality


  1. Class scheduling / time table
  2. Course material
  3. Co-curricular activities (debates, seminars, guest lectures, etc)


  1. Issues related to student progress such as internal assessment, attendance norms / relaxation, directed reading, etc.
  2. Inadequacy / non-availability of learning resources such as library books & journals, lab equipments, IT facilities, maintenance issues, etc.
  • Grievances against Faculty (Including Heads of Departments)
  1. Academic delivery and quality
  2. Classroom conduct
  3. Regularity and punctuality


  1. Any discrimination / victimization of students
  • Registration And Examination Related
  1. Registration / re-registration
  2. Student records
  3. Mid-semester, End-semester, Supplementary examinations related
  4. Grading / results
  5. De-barred / year-back
  6. Discrepancy in diplomas / degrees issued


  • Grievances Regarding Summer Internships And Placements
  1. Discrimination regarding selection for summer internship
  2. Grievance regarding discrimination or non-adherence of placement rules and procedures


  • Non-Academic Grievances (Amenities and Services)
    1. Deficiency in common services such as transportation, canteen, medical, etc.
    2. Quality of food and hygiene in hostels and mess
    3. Any deficiency in extra-curricular activities and facilities
    4. Student financial aid
    5. Student travel concession
    6. Identity card related
    7. Student uniforms


  • Accounts Related Grievances
    1. Fees and dues
    2. Fee concessions


  1. Scholarships
  2. Refunds


  • Student To Student Grievances
    1. Conflicts between students of same course / class
    2. Intra College conflicts
    3. Inter College conflicts


  1. GRIEVANCES OF PARENTS AND GUARDIANS OF STUDENTS These grievances can be in the nature of:


  • Any discrimination of their ward in providing access to University’s facilities or services


  • Any action of a teacher or a staff member or a student of the University causing harassment to their ward
  • Any demand for fee not covered under University norms


  • Withholding disbursement of scholarship, if entitled
  • Unfair involvement of their ward in disciplinary proceedings




  • Informal resolution of before an Issue becomes a formal grievance


  1. Students will be encouraged to resolve concerns or problems directly with the person(s) / Department concerned through personal discussions / counseling.


  1. Aggrieved students should first approach the respective Course Coordinator who will informally try to resolve the problem. Wherever necessary, the Course Coordinator may seek guidance from the appropriate authority for the purpose.


  • Grievance handling and resolution mechanism


  1. Aggrieved parents/guardians are advised to take up their grievance(s) directly with the Pro-Vice Chancellor either personally or in writing. In case their problem remains un-addressed, they may approach the Vice Chancellor.


  1. Matrix for grievance Redressal mechanism for students is given under clause 9 of these regulations.


  1. The grievance Redressal mechanism has three levels of grievance redressal of which Level-III is the Appellate Authority.


  1. Formal grievances shall be submitted in writing stating full material facts to the First Level Grievance Handling Authority as specified under clause 9 of these regulations


  • Procedure & stages in Grievance Handling


The following procedure can be utilized by the students to seek redressal of grievance of any kind whether academic or non-academic in nature, as specified under clause 6 above:


  1. Stage One


  1. Formal complaint by the aggrieved person shall be submitted in writing to the Level-I Grievance Handling Authority, as specified under clause 9.


  1. The authority concerned will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and initiate the Redressal process within two working days.


  • If felt necessary, the designated authority may allow an opportunity to the complainant to formally present his/her case along with relevant documents in support. The authority may also seek clarification from the complainant or call for further material facts having bearing on the matter. Such clarification may be sought by written or verbal request or by face-to-face interview with the complainant.


  1. The Authority concerned will then endeavour to resolve the grievance within next seven working days of receiving the formal grievance and convey the outcome / action taken to the complainant.


  1. Wherever required, the College will take preventive or corrective action in a reasonable time and advise the complainant of the same.


  1. Stage Two


  1. If a complainant does not receive any response within the stipulated number of days or is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, s/he may lodge an appeal in writing with the Level-II Grievance Handling Authority concerned as specified under Clause 9 of these regulations.


  1. The Level-II Authority will consult with the complainant and other relevant parties within ten working days of receiving the appeal. Wherever possible, such consultations may be in the form of face-to -face discussion.


  • Following the consultation, the Authority concerned will take further steps to address the grievance and communicate the same to the complainant.


  1. Stage three (Appellate Authority)


  1. If a complainant is still dissatisfied with the outcome or decision of Level-II Authority on the appeal, he/she may represent the matter to the Appellate Authority as specified under clause 9 of these regulations.


  1. The concerned Appellate Authority will convey its decision within five working days from receiving the appeal.


  • The decision of the Appellate Authority will be final and no further appeal will be entertained under any circumstances.


  • Confidentiality and Record Keeping


  1. During all stages of the Grievance Handling and Resolution Procedure, the College will take all possible steps to ensure that the complainant and the respondent are not victimized or discriminated against


  1. Implementation of the procedure will be done without prejudice to either party.


  1. At all stages of this procedure, a full explanation (in writing for decisions and) of the actions taken as part of the process will be provided if so requested by the complainant or the respondent.


  1. While dealing with the issue, all possible confidentiality and privacy will be maintained and all records relating to such complaints will be treated as confidential.


  1. Records concerning grievances handled under this procedure and their outcomes shall be maintained for a period of one year.


  1. There will be no cost to the complainant for utilizing this grievance and appeals process.




(1) Student Grievances:
Nature of Grievances Level-I Grievance Level-II Grievance Appellate
Handling Authority Handling authority Authority
1. Of Academic nature
o Academic quality Head of Assoc. Dean(Academic
o Course material Department Planning & Dean/Director
o Class time table Monitoring) (College Head)
o Inadequate learning
resources (IT, Library,
Labs/equipment, etc.)
o Attendance/directed
o Internal assessment
o Co-curricular activities
2. Against Faculty Head of Assoc. Dean Dean/Director
o Academic delivery & Department (Academic Planning & (College Head)
quality Monitoring)
o Classroom conduct
o Regularity &
o Any discrimination /
victimization of
3. Registration / Head SRE College Head PVC
Examination related
o Registration / Re-
o Student records
o Mid-semester / End-
semester /
Supplementary exam
scheduling/date sheet
o Evaluation of answer
o Grading / results
o Re-checking / Re-
o  De-barred / Year back
o Discrepancy in
Diplomas / Degrees


4. Summer Internship &
o Discrimination in Head of Department Assoc. Director Director
Summer Internship (Internships) (Marketing)
selection /Dean
o Discrimination or Head of Department Assoc. Director Director
non-adherence of (Placements) (Marketing)/
placement procedures Dean
5. Amenities & Services Proctors of Director (Students PVC
o Common services respective Colleges / Welfare)
(Transportation / Dy. Registrar(Admin)
o Extra-curricular
o Student Financial Aid
o Travel Concession
o Identity Cards
o Student uniforms
6. Hostel related Hostel Warden Director (Student PVC
o Quality of Food and Welfare)
o Hostel amenities
7. Finance related Manager (Finance) Assoc. Director Director
o Fees and Dues (Finance) Finance
o Fee Concessions
o Scholarships
o Refunds
8. Student to Student
o Conflict between Head of Department Dean / Director PVC
students of same
o Intra-college conflicts
o Inter-college conflicts Heads of respective Respective Deans PVC/VC




In matters affecting large number of students, the Chairman will have the power to constitute Special Committees to make recommendations and to take action..