Evaluation is an integral part of polytechnic and is the instrument to test what the students have learned and retained

Internal Assessment

internal assessment will be based on :

.1 Class attendance-min. requirement 80%.

2. Assignments and theory classes

3. Mid term examinations

4. Internal Viva-Voce on Project study

5. General behavior

External Assessment

Total evaluation is based on the rules & regulations of affiliating University as they conduct the examinations for BBA programme. Degree course is evaluated by the University Semester wise. Continuous internal evaluation is done for all courses around the year on the basis of class tests, specific assignments, practical training, projects, etc

Research Project Report

A student has to take up a research project carrying 150 marks for Diploma courses in final year as a part of the syllabus. The student selects a topic of his choice relevant to his training program and during research work necessary guidance is provided to him

BMGC Dehradun alternates theoretical courses and practical training so that students can confront their chosen profession with confidence. As future administrators students follow an overall training based on the present day needs and future demands of hotels, restaurants & hospitality management. The philosophy of the college is based on two concepts: to alternate study and practical training and to remain as close as possible to the realities of the hotel industry.

The frequency of the practical training, case studies and group work allows the students to experience and resolve theoretical problems. This training is designed to develop initiative and strengthen analytical skills. Practical training accomplished during the scholastic period is remunerated by the industry and closely supervised by the institute. BMGC Dehradun maintains the excellent track record with first batch passed out with 100% placement. The institute makes its students undergo 5 months practical on-the-job training in leading hotel chains of the country during their training programme.

BMGC Dehradun, therefore, is an institute with a difference: Transforming young students into successful hoteliers by blending theoretical instruction with maximum

Instruction Methodology

Identification and development of critical managerial qualities is the primary focus of faculty members. Innovative teaching methods are adopted in order to clarify concepts and hypotheses. Conventional class room lectures form the bedrock on which case studies, assignments, group projects, seminars, debates, elocution, role playing, and psycho-analysis help in further development of the student. Field work and guest lectures are applied to give critical practical orientation. The idea behind the whole academic exercise is not to make students exam oriented but business inclined. The ability to ask questions and challenge the established norms can only come through such an Endeavour.

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