Dear Student,

Welcome abroad to the journey of knowledge and enlightenment; welcome to the �Blue Mountains�!

The inspiration behind induction of the college is, one of the finest management school in the world,� �The Blue Mountain international Hotel Management school�, situated in Sydney, Australia. Graduating from there years back, I had t his dream to create similar management college, to impart international class Education, in India too. I felt the need to do so due to the complete failure of our education system in the last decade and the lack of international perspective in our education system in our country. I firmly believe that in today�s world, the future of every students studying in Management collage is in dark, if global perspective and international standards are kept at arm�s length. Thus the mission of Blue Mountains is to �work continuously in the endeavor of providing Competitive, Innovative, Informative and Quality Education to the masses ,matching the global market!�

With best complements

(M.Sc.,I.H.M./Grad.Australia ,Post Grad. ,Switzerland)

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